Migraines during pregnancy linked to complications for mother and child


The study took a closer look at pregnant women with migraines and the risk that on their offspring - in what researchers call the biggest study regarding this topic.

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Migraines during pregnancy may be a sign of trouble for expecting mothers.

A new study took a closer look at 22,000 pregnant women who suffered from migraines and compared data with over 200,000 pregnant women who didn’t suffer from migraines.

They found that the newborns of mothers who had migraines displayed a high rate of complications including low birth weight, febrile seizures and respiratory problems versus those who didn’t have migraines during pregnancy.

Eight percent of expecting mothers with migraines also suffered from pregnancy-associated hypertension.

Previous studies had fewer than 1,000 participants making this study this largest one of its kind on this topic.

Findings appear in “Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain.”

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