Mayor Harpole Will Not Seek Re-election: Will Support Ginger Nelson

Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole will not seek re-election for a fourth term

AMARILLO, TX - After almost six years as Amarillo's mayor, Paul Harpole has announced he will not be seeking re-election.
"If we had good candidates coming forward it was time for us to look for new leadership to lead the city to bind us together and have a vision for the future and I see those good leaders stepping forward so it is time for me to step aside," said Harpole. 
One of the candidates Harpole says he is supporting as a good leader for Amarillo is Ginger Nelson.
"She came to me early and told me that she had plans to consider this, asked me what I thought and I said, just what I said a minute ago, I hope good candidates will come forward and lead this city in the future."
Harpole's main focus when taking office in 2011 was supporting Amarillo's growth and seeing plans for downtown begin.
He tells us he is glad to have seen the progress made.
"Seeing that the downtown projects are getting completed and not stopped. You know we had a note the other day that downtown property values have increased by 40% in the last decade. We went three decades with less than two percent total growth of every property downtown," added Mayor Harpole.
Harpole plans to travel and see his grandchildren more once his term is over.
He tells us he will remember his time as mayor very fondly. 
"The people in this town have been so supportive of the council of me personally it has really been an honor to serve in this community," said Harpole.
Harpole says he still looks forward to seeing the growth in downtown Amarillo continue.

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