Match Day for Medical Students at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


Medical students across the country find out their future at a ceremony Friday, March 15. 

For Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center students, today is Match Day. 

Students from TTUHSC will participate and discover what residency they will be doing and where they will attend.

45 medical students from Texas Tech received their match day envelope that held their future inside.

“This whole thing is happening right now all over the country everybody from California to Main all the medical students open the envelopes at the same time and they find out where they’re going,”Dr.Richard Jordan, Dean of the School of Medicine.

Before Match Day, students visit and apply to multiple places that they would like to attend. 

 “Those places rank the students which ones do we want. They can be ranking students from Duke, somebody from Texas Tech, somebody from UCLA something like that,” Jordan said. 

Students then wait for this day surrounded by family and friends to see where they will end up.

Jade Dharmarpandi, a current medical student, received her match. 

“The match is always nervous you know because I don’t know where or what city you’re going to be in. so to find that out with everybody in this campus and my friends in Lubbock campus and all of us together and letting us know where we’re going it’s been really emotional, ” Dharmarpandi explained. 

Jade’s envelope said that she will be doing her residency in Amarillo. 

“The next three years I get to work with the same attendees I get to work with for the last couple of years so I’m just looking forward to growing as a person to learning medicine and being the best doctor that I can be,” Dharmarpandi said.

According to Jordan, around 50 percent of the students stay in Texas. 

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