Massive Rattlesnake Found In Laguna Vista, Texas


A Facebook post by a Rio Grande Valley police department went viral on social media.

The post includes photos of a massive rattlesnake found in Laguna Vista, a small town close to South Padre Island.

Social media called it a showdown between a cat and a giant rattlesnake.

On April 24, News Center 23 spoke with the police officer who received the report of the reptile.

Officer Christina Vega from the Laguna Vista Police Department said birdwatchers spotted the rattlesnake on a walking trail in Laguna Vista on April 20.

“They called the police department because they saw the snake and a cat right next to it,” Vega said, adding that the caller was shocked.

The trail is a popular site for birdwatchers.

“Their concern was that it was a huge rattlesnake, we don’t see those often [Laguna Vista],” she said.

The Isabel Y. Garcia Animal Shelter in the nearby town of Port Isabel assisted the police with the snake. Vega said the snake was aggressive because of the cat.

“If you happen to see a snake like that again, don’t get close to it and don’t mess with it,” Vega said.

Vega posted the viral photos on Facebook as a warning to residents. 

“The temperatures are going up, that’s when the rattlesnakes come out,” Vega said. “Just watch where you’re stepping, always look at your surroundings.”

Rattlesnakes are venomous and could be dangerous.

“If you do bother them, they will probably bite you, stay away from them,” she said.

On Facebook, the LVPD posted a status that said rattlesnakes emerge from hibernation in March or April and are most active when the temperatures are between 80-90 degrees.

Temperatures have been rising in South Texas in late April.

Vega said this is the largest rattlesnakes she has seen in the area.  

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