Man Unintentionally Proves Most Hipsters Look Alike Study


Do all hipsters look alike?

“I mean there’s a look.”

“This is how you know that it’s a hipster. They have a beanie on but not all the way,”

“They have a cup of coffee in their hand. They gotta have this shaggy beard going on.”

“Hipsters definitely look alike.”

That’s kind of the theory put forth in new research that was the subject of an article in MIT’s Tech Review titled: “The Hipster Effect: Why Anti-Conformists Always End Up Looking The Same”

The research was published by a brandeis mathematician.

Gideon Litchfield, editor of the Tech Review says, “He found that if you imagine there’s a group of people who generally want to be nonconformists, then they will differ from the majority. But if some change, some new fashion let’s say, is adopted by some of them, there comes a point at which all of the nonconformists switch over to the new fashion at the same time and so the non-conformists conform to one another.”

Makes sense, right?

“I totally do think that, like, the alt look is also just one look.”

The “non-conformity is conformity” theory was inadvertently proven by an angry email the tech review received from a reader.

Litchfield says, “You used a photo of me without my permission on your silly story about hipsters and that is slanderous and I’m going to pursue legal action against you.”

But this photo is a stock image from getty images and when the folks at mit and getty did some digging it turned out the model in the photo was not the same person who sent the email.

The angry man had mistaken a photo of a hipster as himself in an article about hipsters looking alike.

Litchfield says, “It’s nice to feel a certain, like, a certain vindication over this. You know he, I don’t think that it necessarily proves the theory but it, it, you know, illustrates it in a nice way.”

When the guy who thought it was him in the article found out that it actually in fact was not him in the picture, even he was surprised, saying friends and family had also seen a major resemblance.  Ultimately, though, he apologized and said he stands corrected.

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