Man Rescues Woman From Home Explosion in Utah


Three people are being called heroes after rescuing a woman from a Utah cabin that exploded late last week.

The harrowing cry of a wife to her husband…

Mary Hammond says, “He went in there to save this woman to be with her family still and they knew that it could potentially take them from theirs.”

Seconds after her husband disappeared into the house, another explosion went off.

Mary Hammond says, “And I thought, I thought that was it.”

Not knowing if her husband would make it out alive, mary finally saw him rolling down the hill…

Along with the woman and two other rescuers who rushed in to save her.

Mark Pierce says, “I wanted to get out of there but, but part of me, you know, there`s somebody in the house there.”

Pierce recalls the terrifying moments while he was inside the home.

Mark Pierce says, “There was fire over, over her and over us in that room. She was just kind of right around the corner with a couch or some other debris on top of her.”

Pulling her to safety.

Mark Pierce says, “If we hadn`t done what we did you know, she for sure would`ve died in there.”

The house completely lost, still smolders hours after the explosion. But the miracle of it all, the woman is alive.

Mary Hammond says, “He didn`t say anything to me. He just embraced me and all he kept repeating was, we got her, we got her.”

And the three rescuers are safe, home with their families.

Mark Pierce says, “I didn`t even know those people but I`d still do the … Do the same for anybody else so.”

Authorities say it’s unclear what caused the explosion, although investigators say there was propane in the residence.

The woman is in critical condition at an area hospital.

Mary Hammond and her family have set up a go-fund-me page to help the woman’s family. 

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