Man poured hot sauce into four-year-old’s mouth as punishment, police say


LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — Leander police have arrested a man accused of hitting his four-year-old son and feeding him hot sauce for swearing.

According to an arrest warrant, San Antonio resident Demitro Revillas, 24, is accused of hitting and force-feeding hot sauce to his four-year-old child after the boy said a curse word. The warrant states that Revillas and the boy’s mother were staying with her cousin due to a CPS safety plan involving the couple’s other children.

The cousin of the victim’s mother told police that Revillas had gone to the store and that while he was gone, the man’s son had said a curse word. When Revillas returned, the woman told him what had happened and the Revillas allegedly blew up — grabbing his son by his hand and cussing at him.

She told police she then saw the man hit the boy in the face with an open hand so hard that the child fell to the ground. According to the warrant, the boy would not admit to cursing, which caused Revillas to become even angrier.

Revillas then reportedly walked his son into the kitchen and began pouring hot sauce into the boy’s mouth. According to the woman, this lasted around 4 minutes with the boy screaming for his father to stop. 

She told police she could hear him choking from the hot sauce.

The boy would reportedly still not admit to cursing and Revillas took him into a nearby bathroom with a belt and locked the door. She said she could hear the man hitting him inside.

Police later questioned the woman’s 14-year-old nephew, who was home during the incident. He confirmed a similar story about the incident.

When police questioned the four-year-old boy about what had happened, the boy said he had been hit and that it happened in the bathroom. He said he was hit in the face with the belt and the officer saw that one of his cheeks was redder than the other. The officer also saw small dark red/purple spots that appeared to be blood vessels in additoin to bruising beneath his right eye.

The officer who talked to Revillas said the man denied hitting his son in the face, but said he had spanked the boy on the butt with a belt. He also said Revillas confirmed he poured hot sauce into the boy’s mouth but that it was only a few drops. The man said the child had been acting badly all day and that was why he had received several different punishments. 

In the warrant, the officer also said that when he arrived at the house the boy was in the corner facing the wall as a punishment, even after the alleged incidents occurred. 

Revillas is being charged with intentional bodily injury of a child and his bond is set at $40,000.

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