Man deported 5 times learns he’s not dad, kills baby


This apartment complex on Court Avenue is where police say the unthinkable happened…

A four-month-old child beaten to death.

Court documents say the baby`s mother called police after she found her son unresponsive.

Through a translator… we talked to an acquaintance of the mother at the apartment today.

Acquaintance: ‘She pretty much touched the kid and told her that the kid was dead, and she Mercy** {BLEEP HER NAME} became crazy.’

The woman told us she`s been staying with the family until she finds a new place and was there when the mother got the heart-wrenching news.

Acquaintance: ‘was crying. She never thought this could happen to her because her kid was healthy.’

But police say the boy had a fractured skull, fractured rib and serious case of pneumonia.

Police say when they first interviewed the child`s mother and her boyfriend Carlos Zuniga-Aviles.

… both said they didn`t know what happened.

The child`s mother told detectives Zuniga-Aviles watches the child while she works.

VIRGINIA STALLWORTH – Memphis Child Advocacy Center Exec. Director: ‘Much physical abuse has physical evidence. Sometimes those things can be seen as a possible accident, when there`s a pattern people might be more likely to recognize that maybe this isn`t an accident.’

When officers went to talk to her again yesterday… she told them he confessed to hitting the baby because he was angry.

The reason he was upset?

The police report says he found out the child was not his biological son.

At first, police say he gave them a different name when they arrested him and charged him with first-degree murder.

Once they identified him as Zuniga-Aviles, they discovered he has an extensive criminal history and is from Honduras.

ICE says he`s been deported five times before… and now faces a sixth.

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