Man Attacked By Mountain Lion Describes Experience


Could a music-free run have been the difference between life and death for a Colorado man?

Travis Kauffman lived to tell about his encounter with a mountain lion at Horsetooth Mountain open space in Larimer County.

Kauffman says he was not wearing headphones during his run on February 4th which allowed him to hear the big cat’s approach.

He describes what happened when the mountain lion attacked.

“From there it started to claw at my face and neck and that is when kind of my fear response turned into more of a fight response because I realize how close it was getting to my eyes and it got a claw in my lip. I tried to throw it off of me at that point and then we took a little tumble down the south side of the trail and down there just kind of had a little wrestling match at which point I was able to get on top of it, pin its back legs so I didn’t get any soft tissue scratched out in my nether regions.”

Kauffman ran three miles through the trail after killing the animal.

Luckily he encountered other joggers and one of them gave him a ride to the hospital — where he received 20 stitches for cuts.

Two other mountain lions were found in the same area and removed just a few days after the attack. 

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