Make-A-Wish Car Show 2016 Day Two

For the past 32 years the Make-A-Wish Car Show, has been the kickoff for the car show season on the High Plains.
Ronnie Tillman, who attended the car show says, “I think Amarillo kind of just waits for this, because it’s the kickoff season. The crowd Saturday, and today’s crowd has just been awesome.”
The car show displayed more than 300 hundred vehicles from all the way back in the early 1900’s through the new year.
Tillman says, “The vendors booths are plum full this year. Laid-Out Customs is one of our big sponsors this year. So, it’s just been a really big, big year for us.”
But in the midst of today’s crowd, a small group gathers, not to check out the different cars, but to pay respect to one they lost late last year, Larry Cargill.
Barry Henson, who helped build the roadster says, “The next door neighbor called and said, ‘We need to finish this car,’ and I said, ‘Okay. Bring it over, we’ll get it done.’ So, a bunch of my friends got together and just started on it and trying to get it done.”
It was a project Cargill had been working on for years.
Henson says, “It’s from the heart. He was a buddy, he started it, we knew the car needed to be finished, and he wanted it battleship grey. He was in the Navy for years.” 
they hoped it was a creation that would make Cargill proud.
Henson says, “The relationship between all of us was great and you know working on his car was a privilege.”

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