Lynch and Clinton Spark Controversy

(NBC News) Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Friday she will accept the recommendations of career prosecutors on whether Hillary Clinton’s private emails broke any criminal laws.
But that’s doing little to quell the firestorm over a private meeting she had earlier this week with Former President Bill Clinton on the Phoenix airport tarmac.
Lynch says it was a social chat, but critics see it as unorthodox if not improper contact as Lynch’s Justice Department investigates whether Hillary Clinton’s private emails violated criminal laws.
She’s not denying it looks bad. Early Friday, she acknowledged that the meeting casts doubt on her partiality in the case. 
Lynch is America’s top law enforcement officer, not a politician, but in the Clinton emails case, everything is about politics.
“No matter how I viewed it, I understand how people view it,” Lynch says.
Now, she’s promising career prosecutors will decide whether or not to prosecute over the emails, a decision backed by the White House.
“This is an independent investigation that is intentionally being shielded from any sort of political interference,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says.
The situation gives Donald Trump and other Republicans a fresh talking point.
“He just happened to be at the airport at this time. Think of it. Just happened to be at the airport. You know, when I first heard the story, I said, ‘No, no, you’re kidding. I don’t believe it.’ I thought somebody was joking. But it’s not a joke,” Trump said.
Trump and Clinton each continue to try to convince voters the other candidate can’t be trusted.
This new controversy is overshadowing a Clinton victory as House members failed to find much fault in her handling of the Benghazi terror attack.

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