Losing Your Best Friend During Fireworks


The 4th of July is a busy time for animal shelters. That’s because all the fireworks explosions scare many of animals and they tend to run away.

The City of Amarillo is getting proactive in solving that problem.

The Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare office said this holiday more than any other keeps them busy this time of year, but you can help keep the shelter empty by microchipping your pets.

The fact that there will be fireworks displays throughout the Panhandle from now until Tuesday night means more opportunities for your pets to be frightened, and in turn, lost.

Because this is a busy time of year for them. the city’s shelter is offering discounted microchipping at only $10 dollars when they usually cost $15.

Animal Management and Welfare director Richard Havens said microchipping your pet is really the best way to reunite with lost animals.

“We were able to research all the number and able to get in contact with them, and they were able to they were able to be reunited with their pet after five years, solely due to the microchip,” said Havens.

Havens said even if your pet has never reacted nervously to fireworks in the past, they can now and in the future because dogs and cats hearing becomes more sensitive as they get older.

Havens added lost pets aren’t the only problem when it comes to loud fireworks.

He said dogs that are tied up in the backyard risk death or injury because they often get panic during loud noises and can become entangled in their tether.

If your pet does become lost over the holidays make sure you begin looking for it immediately.

The city’s online search tool will enable owners to search for their lost pet through the website.

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