Long Wooden Spoon Named One of the Fast Growing Small & Independent Craft Brewing Companies

Long Wooden Spoon Brewery was recently named by Brewers Association one of the 50 fastest growing small and independent craft brewing companies of 2017.

Long Wooden Spoon Brewery says they started with an idea in 2009. They were "Simply fed up with commercial quantity and lack of quality... (It was) two friends, a cluttered garage and an undying passion for craft beer."

The brewery makes eight beers year round, a seasonal Christmas ale and three other limited seasonal beers. The year-round beers all have Amarillo, Texas Panhandle or Texas recognized names.

It also appears they are making a sake soon.

The brewery is located in Western Business Park at 4098 Business Park Drive, Amarillo, TX 79110.

In its inaugural list, the association says median growth from 2016 to 2017 for these breweries was 216 percent; the median size of breweries on the list went from 284 barrels in 2016 to 963 barrels in 2017. These companies represent 5.5 percent of craft’s growth by volume for 2017 and include eight brewpubs, 40 microbreweries, and two regional craft breweries.

“With 5 percent growth overall for small and independent brewers in 2017 and microbreweries and brewpubs delivering the majority of that, we wanted to spotlight some of the breweries driving that growth,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association. “As the growth base for craft becomes more diffuse, these fast-growing brewing companies illustrate that a diverse set of success stories still exist.”

The list presented includes only small and independent breweries with all of their production at their own facilities. 

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