Lone Star Ballet Bringing History Front and Center with Alamo Show

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) - The Alamo will be remembered as the Lone Star Ballet prepares to bring the story to their stage.

"This is a historic show, everyone knows the- Alamo worldwide. The Alamo is a symbol of courage, sacrifice and a fight for freedom," said King Hill with Lone Star Ballet.

The courage, sacrifice, and fight will be front and center as the Lone Star Ballet prepares to open their Alamo show.

The show will be full of song and dance but also history.

"It is really something that I think the schools, children are going to benefit from for years to come," said Audrey Wallace, the Vice President of the Lone Star Ballet Guild.

Hill wrote the play and says he has spent over a year researching the Alamo.

"This is a historic first not only for the city of Amarillo but for the Lone Star Ballet, if you look at it this is a full-length play, an original script that I was over a year researching and writing."

Window on a Wider World is partnering with Lone Star Ballet so hundreds of students can see the show. 

"We bring in over 2500 students from all over the panhandle to get to experience first hand the history and educational component of seeing ballet, dance, music, and theatrical production," said Catherine Meck, the executive director of Window on a Wider World.

Wallace says seeing the show will have a lasting impact on the students.

"I am really really excited they are going to see it in a 3D virtual sense, because I think they will retain it better and it will stick with them longer and there a certain pride from being a Texan and maybe this will instill more of that pride to be better, develop your character, work harder," added Wallace.

The show will be playing in Amarillo and Pampa towards the end of the month.

The ballet also announced this morning that they received donations and grants to help them put in a new dance floor.

The floor will help the dancers avoid injuries.

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