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Habitat for Humanity here in Amarillo is a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating substandard housing.

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Habitat for Humanity here in Amarillo is a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating substandard housing.

Its vision is to help build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Trevor Lowry says, “So like I said, this is a 5-bedroom floorplan. Here’s the first bedroom there”

Habitat for Humanity is working on its 113th home this summer. They depend on volunteers who actually partner with the family the home will be going to to build the home.

“We build homes with and for low-income families and i say with because a common misconception about habitat for humanity is that we’re just giving away free houses but that’s not the case”

The family receiving this home Has had a long road getting here.

“They’re a refugee family that have fleed religious persecution. They were kicked out of their home and had to live in a forrest and some refugee camps before coming over here and finding that freedom and start working toward achieving the American dream”

They’re currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment, paying $700 to $800 dollars a month.

“Getting to live here. They’ll pay closer to 400 a month with our 0-percent interest, 20-30 year mortgage we provide for them “

But the house won’t just be handed over to them. The family puts in 500 hours of what is called sweat equity.

“Literally putting their blood sweat and tears into the home that they’re building.”

Habitat tries to keep costs as low as possible.

“We’re only selling this house at cost…So anything we can do to help minimmize those costs. Like, utilizing volunteer labor, in-kind donations monetary donations. Every bit of that goes toward helping keep the cost of the home low…So we can keep that 0% mortgage low as well.”

And the volunteers, like Brad Stover…Just want to help their community.

“I just wanna give back….and i enjoy the work as well…”

Trevor says they are always looking for more volunteers, or donations from local contractors.

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