Former Hale Co. Deputy Sheriff Files Retaliation and Discrimination Lawsuits

LUBBOCK, TX (KAMC) - A former sheriff's deputy for Hale County filed two lawsuits after the March 6 election for county sheriff.

Ruben Liscano, the former deputy, said he filed a discrimination suit against the Hale County Sheriff's Office after "overlooking" him for multiple positions. He filed a retaliation suit against Sheriff David Cochran because of a "forced resignation," the day after the election for sheriff, he said.

After EverythingLubbock.com reached out for a comment on Liscano's resignation, Cochran said he was not prepared to comment on any personnel issues at this time, but "as per Hale County policy, he (Ruben Liscano) has been considered resigned."

"He told me this was just a matter of him not being able to work with me," said Liscano. "I also asked the new sheriff if I was going to be the new chief deputy, and he said there was not going to be any chief deputy as of that date."

Liscano and his family said the discrimination began before the election, when he was working toward a promotion to chief deputy.

"Never in Hale County have they ever take applications for the new chief deputy, and this time they did," said Leticia Liscano, Ruben's wife.

Liscano had to "drop off a resume and apply for it because that's what the sheriff wants. They brought back a former employee to apply for the position. When we found out that former employee was going to apply, we knew he already had it," Leticia said.

Liscano's past history did not warrant being forced to resign, he said.

"I have nothing in my folder that would say any different. I have been good to the department. There have been no write-ups," said Liscano.

The Hale County Attorney's Office stated they did not have any complaints filed against Liscano at their office.

Ruben Liscano said they sought help from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in regards to this matter.

"If anyone says it wasn't about race, then they are blind to it," said Leticia. "All we are doing now is hoping something changes, it gets better out there for everybody. Not just the Hispanics and whites, but it gets fair for everybody."

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