Children's Miracle Network Helps Family Facing Mounds of Medical Bills

Jett Parrish is a happy, healthy 10-year-old boy, but just before Thanksgiving last year he was fighting for his life.

Jett's parents, Steve and Holly, noticed he was not acting like himself when he began complaining of stomach pain.

When Holly took Jett into the ER hours later, doctors discovered he had a ruptured appendix.

After a successful appendectomy, they thought Jett was out of the woods--that was until complications arose.

"He just turned white as a sheet," Steve said. "...His lips went white and everything went white and they ended up rushing him to ICU."

When we sat down with Jett and his parents, he was noticeably upset recounting his hospital stay.

"I was just scared and I just wanted to go back home," Jett said.

The Parrishes said they were in and out of Northwest Texas Hospital for a month dealing with abscesses, and later during a family trip to Utah, an obstructed bowel.

Steve said at one point, Jett looked at him and said not to lie anymore about how long he would be in the hospital, or what he should expect because he continued to be disappointed by the bad news.

Six months later, Jett has made a full recovery and has gained back the 15 pounds he lost.

"We made it through and now he's back to normal," Holly said.

However great Jett's struggle to get healthy was, the Parrishes had the bills to match, especially as they had no medical insurance when Jett fell ill.

They estimated they easily would have owed more than $500,000 in hospital bills alone.

"It was the Wednesday before Christmas," Steve said. "We had to have $25,000."

They said that is when they received a call from Children's Miracle Network saying they had been approved for exactly $25,000, which was immediately paid to the hospital not more than two hours before it was due.

"If they had not been able to do that for us, we would be paying those bills for the rest of our lives," Holly said.

Now, the Parrishes have medical insurance and have been able to handle their finances with assistance from CMN.

They said they are excited to partner with CMN and begin financially supporting sick and injured children in the Amarillo area.

Jett is doing well now and said he is excited to play baseball and football with his friends.

If you want to donate to CMN follow this link to find out how.

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