Beating the Heat: Indoor activities on the High Plains


If you’re looking for some fun this summer but need a break from the sun?

Here in Amarillo, the Don Harrington Discovery Center is an easy go-to. Their exhibits are constantly changing. So even if you’ve been there before, odds are it’ll look a bit different next time you go.

Don Harrington Discovery Center Executive Director Dr. Aaron Pan says, “We are a small non-profit museum so we like to be able to bring in some really great exhibits that people wouldn’t be able to see.”

In Canyon, there’s the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Here, visitors can find the heart of texas art, the free spirit of the taos and santa fe schools of art, and southwest american indian art.

PPHM Marketing Director Stephanie Price says, “I think as panhandle people, we have a grit about us. You know, we take care of ourselves and we take care of our own, and we are very good at creatively solving our own problems because we know no one else is going to do that for us, and i think the museum exhibits throughout that tell that story.”

If you’re up for a little further of a drive, there’s the Blackwater Draw Museum in Portales.

Blackwater Museum Curator Jenna Domeischel says, “It is dedicated to showcasing for the most part the artifacts that have come from the over 85 years of research at the archaeological site.”

And, After you check out the museum. You can actually see the dig site, which is still active and you can see bison bones from thousands of years ago, at the exact kill site where they died.

Domeischel says, “So up until 13,000 years ago, there was this beautiful lake there. And a lot of ice age animals would come, as animals tend to do, to water all of the time. So, these animals would come to the water, and people would follow those animals. So we have campsites over there, we have kill sites over there.”

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