At 79 years old, Alice “Jo” Jackson has lived a long life. 
She’s a retired elementary school teacher and current yoga instructor. 
But at the age of 29 her world was rocked when she got the news.
“Well it was kinda scary really. But I wanted that thing out of there, I wanted that lump out of there,” said Alice “Jo” Jackson, 50 Year Breast Cancer Survivor. 
The way breast cancer is treated has evolved over the years. 
Jackson tells us her great grandmother came home in a wagon after her breast had just been cut off by the doctor. 
And in 1966 breast cancer was treated a lot differently…
“Now I understand that there are many types of breast cancer and they recognize that. I think when I had mine it was just breast cancer. And lumpectomies were not really done then as much as they are now and reconstruction as far as I know was not done,” said Jackson.
Being diagnosed with breast cancer in the 60s at 29 years old was not common. 
Jackson says the women she knew then who came to visit her during her battle were at least 20 to 30 years older then her at the time. 
She didn’t know anyone as young as her at the time dealing with cancer. 
“She’s an inspiration and she takes it one day at a time. She lives in the present. She doesn’t build up apprehensions about what might happen next year or that kind of thing. Just this year is what’s important,” said 
Richard Jackson, Husband. 
This Friday The Jacksons will celebrate Jo’s 50 years of surviving breast cancer. 
They’re expecting more than four dozen people to help them kick-off the festivities. 
And then the following day on Saturday, Jo’s son, daughter, grandson and husband will all walk or run for Race for the Cure.