Local Teen Bitten By Rattlesnake

The first thought that went through his head was pretty terrifying

AMARILLO - The warm weather is an open invitation for our slithering friends to come out of hiding, but you do not want to mess with snakes. 

Logan May, a local teen got bit Wednesday afternoon by a rattlesnake. The first thought that went through his head was pretty terrifying. 

"I looked down at my hand, I was like, I'm going to die," May said. "Wednesday night we were walking back from campfire and one of the guys was like hey there's a snake over there and it was like a little ditch you know. I thought he meant in the ditch, so I walk over and I was going to rustle the branch at the beginning of the ditch to try to scare it away, but the branch I reached for, the snake was right there and it jumped out and bit my hand." 

This was the snake that bit Logan.

The snake bit two fingers on Logan's right hand. The swelling started immediately. The arm kept swelling and doctors marked the swelling so they could keep track of it. 


"Five minutes after, my pinky started going numb and I couldn't move it. Then an hour later when I finally got to the hospital, my entire hand was paralyzed," May said. "They put me in a hospital bed pretty immediately and they were like your anti venom has to be specifically made for your height and weight, so that took like an hour or something and they just put me on morphine during that and then they got me the anti venom pretty quickly."

The snake did not rattle until after it bit Logan. 
Now, Logan is doing well. He explained that the swelling has gone down, but he still can not close his hand completely and the bite marks are still a bit tender. He continues to get blood work done to ensure he remains in good health. 
This accident was a learning experience. 
May said, "Don't go near it like I did and secondly if you think you're not going to get bit because you're immune or whatever that's what I thought too, but I got bit so don't think that."  

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