Local Retired and Current Firefighters Working to Honor Fallen First Responders

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A local group is making sure fallen first responders and military members are honored at their funerals all while keeping Irish and Scottish tradition alive.

The Amarillo Firefighters Pipes and Drums plays memorials and funerals for fallen police, firefighters and military.

“We are a group of firefighters that wanted to honor the fallen first responders so as we got together it was kind of funny because nobody knew how to plan instruments so we had guys day and night trying to learn how to play the pipes,” said Lonnie Hollabaugh, the president of the group and a retired firefighter.

They got their practice in and are now regularly playing.

“It is very humbling, I just played the Midland police officer’s last week and it is pretty humbling, it kind of lets you know how fragile life is,” said Randy Johnson, an Amarillo Firefighter.

Johnson tells us it is an honor to play for the funerals of the fallen, especially as a group of retired and current firefighters.

As a non-profit, they are looking for donations to help them continue their mission.

“The band is not supported by the Fire Department so we are out there trying to raise funds ourselves, we happen to be a bunch of firemen but we got to pay our way through,” said Johnson.

“Everything we do has been throughout of our pockets our through donations,” added Hollabaugh.

Hollabaugh tells us donations will ensure they keep their kilts in good shape and that they can travel as far as they are needed to play.

The group is having a fundraiser this weekend to raise funds so they can continue to travel to funerals across the state.

They are having a pub crawl for St. Patrick’s day, Saturday at Off the Hook, Moondoggy’s and Esquire.

It will start at 6 p.m.

You have a chance to hear them play and donate to their cause.

More info can be found on the group, by clicking here.

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