Local Republican Organizations Make Strong Push Toward Polls

As the primary elections draw near, Republican groups are making a strong push to get you to the polls.
The current election season appears to be more challenging than years past for republican organizations. Rather than only voting between a handful of candidates, the GOP presidential race continues to overflow with options.
“There are Hispanics, Blacks, young, old,” High Plains Republican Women President Judy Jackman said. “It allows you to find a candidate that you want to get behind.”
But for some people, more choices on a ballot can also muddy the water.
“We have haven’t seen a really strong front-runner,” Amarillo Republican Women’s Club said.
In fact, Kalkla says Thursday night’s Republican debate, which lacked current front-runner Donald Trump, was the most substantive one she’s seen this election season.
She says her organization doesn’t collectively back a single candidate until after learning the winner of the primary election.
“We remain neutral until those races are decided,” Kalka said. “So, we have a lot of discussion, share a lot of ideas and try to learn and gather information about all of the candidates.”
However, once the primary races are said and done, they’ll back the winner through the general election in November.
For Jackman, she’s not so much focused on who will win. Instead, it’s the people who will ultimately choose the winner.
“Every time you look at your paycheck, every time you drive around Amarillo, if you haven’t voted, you have given up your right to have a say,” Jackman said.
A lesson she says is especially important for younger people.
“They’re allowing their parents and their grandparents to choose who leads them and I think that’s very unfortunate,” Jackman said.
Monday is the last day to register to vote. You can also find out your registration status online. Early voting begins on February 16 and election day is March 1.

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