Local Realtor: Amarillo real estate market is busy


Living Texas Style Real Estate group Sabre Cofer says, “This May it is going crazy. I talked to another realtor this morning, we’re working on another deal together. I said how are you doing? She said I’m exhausted.”

Which means people are needing homes, and Cofer says right now in Amarillo it’s a prime time for both buyers and sellers

Cofer says, “We did see our market soften which kind of tended more towards your buyers and the houses weren’t quite selling as much as they used to. But we’ve had several recently that we have been involved in that have had multi offers. So that starts leaning us again towards that seller’s market because those houses are starting to move quicker.”

Cofer says a big factor as to why people are moving now, is because school is wrapping up

Cofer says, “They want to get those kids situated because enjoy your summer, make your friends and get ready for that new school year.”

And officials at Amarillo National Bank are seeing the number of loan applications rise

ANB Mortage Loan Officer Kelsey Lankford says, “We took about 500 loan applications last month. It’s pretty typical for the season just with it being summer, a busy time of year.”

According to the Amarillo Association of Realtors, there’s a little over 1,300 residential listings in Potter and Randall counties combined, which sounds like a lot, but if you really want your dream home, Cofer says come prepared.

Cofer says, “Let’s get you pre-approved first because if we find that house that you love, we need to get ready to go for it. We want to beat everyone else to it before there are multiple offers and that drives the price up.”

And for those looking to sell.

Cofer says, “When people come through your house that you want them to be your first choice and sparkly, shiny sells houses.”

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