AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Since 2018, the Xcape Room Warehouse has been giving thrills, chills, and maybe even a few scares to the Amarillo community.

From rooms based off of film franchises like “Back to The Future” and “Taken” to saloons and detention, they make you find clues and think, to make your escape.

Escape rooms are a concept that’s taken the entertainment industry by storm in the last few years, from larger commercial chains to small local businesses.

“You have to communicate, discuss things and it’s just a fun thing to do,” said Vona Adams, Co-owner of the Xcape Room Warehouse. “Most of our rooms are kind of like an Easter egg hunt. So if you’ve got little kids, they can come in and they’ll help you find stuff.”

Escape Rooms are designed to be workouts for your brain. Vona Adams and her husband own Xcape Room Warehouse just off 10th Street in Downtown Amarillo.

She told that it was actually birthed from the haunted house genre.

“We have a haunted house called Amarillo Scaregrounds, and we go to haunt conventions. So we went to a haunt convention and… a five-minute escape room,” said Adams, “So we went into the five-minute escape room and my husband just kind of liked it.”

She tells us they purchased the building, which was an old auto and tire shop, and converted it into escape rooms.

“We opened with the room called “Taken,” and it was so popular, then we opened up saloon, and then we opened up the mummy and it took us six, eight months between each room to get them open,” she told

Each room has its own unique features.

“In saloon, the walls in there are all old, old old wood and we have an old bar. I mean, we want you to feel like you’re actually in that saloon, so it has an old piano. Area 52. When you’re in it, it’s brick walls. We spend a lot of time and money fixing it,” Adams said.

She explained that in addition to constant twists and turns in each room, they change them out periodically to keep the public guessing.

The Xcape Room Warehouse is open seven days a week, but you must make reservations to participate.

For more information on the Xcape Room, click here.

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