CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with the West Texas A&M University Police Department said that out of the messages related to WTAMU President Walter Wendler’s cancellation of the drag show, no “credible” threats have been made.

This comes after Wendler published a letter explaining his reasons for canceling a planned drag show fundraiser for March 31. Since that letter was published on Monday, protests have occurred on campus, a number of WTAMU alumni have withdrawn financial support, petitions have been published and a lawsuit has been filed in Amarillo Federal Court.

According to a statement from the department, the university’s President’s Office has received more than 600 messages in relation to the cancellation of the event, some of which “have been inflammatory in nature.”

“There have been no credible threats to the President, or anyone affiliated with the University, at this time,” the statement read. “We continue to monitor messages and social media posts and will take necessary action if needed.”

Officials with the Canyon Police Department said that the department has not been made aware of any threats made towards staff at the university.

Canyon Police went on to say that the protests in relation to Wendler’s letter have “been contained to campus” and that the department has been working with the West Texas A&M University Police Department on campus during the “peaceful protests… to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Regarding the protests, officials with the West Texas A&M University Police Department said:

“Regardless (of) how you feel about the issue at hand, the group of students that organized the protest have exercised their First Amendment rights the proper way,” the statement read. “The University Police Department is available for any group who wishes to exercise their First Amendment rights and wants guidance on how to do it properly.  So far, we have not had to take any police action this week and the protestors have shown that you can exercise your rights with decorum.”

The Canyon Police Department stressed that any WT staff member who has received threats should call the department at 806-655-5005.

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