CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with West Texas A&M University announced that 14 students in the McNair Scholars program are set to present their research at the annual research showcase at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday in the Cornette Library on campus.

Officials highlighted the research projects of three students:

Project 1, according to officials, will be about “finding a replacement for petroleum-based epoxy,” as the research aimed to slow the depletion of petroleum by making a type of plastic, called epoxy resin, from non-toxic plant oils.

Officials noted that 75% of epoxy resins on the market are synthesized from petroleum with the research detailing that there are more effective and sustainable ways to create an epoxy resin that could benefit the environment.

Project 2 was produced by a double-amputee who researched the “efficiency of different prosthetics,” officials said. The researcher used meta-analysis to compare how much energy amputees were using with their knees.

The meta-analysis combined previous research information together to determine that people who use a microprocessor knee use less energy than those with a mechanical knee. The microprocessor used technology and sensors to determine how fast it’s moving, thus, controlling the swing of the prosthetic depending on the need of the individual.

Project 3 researched the “effects of face masks on speech and language,” according to officials. The researcher aimed to determine if there was a decline in “listener understanding.”

Officials added that the study compared blue surgical masks with clear face masks to analyze if either of these options was better when it came to listener understanding.