AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — For Rebecca Parker, Wonderland is more than just a park to ride the rides or go hang out.

“It’s like another brother or sister, it’s just part of us, and here we are,”.

Parker serves as controller at the park, which was started by her grandparents Paul and Althea Roads.

“The original rides were a boat ride, and it’s still here. And then we had a little car ride that my granddad built from scratch,” she said.

Wonderland turned 71 years old in August, and just like most businesses the last three plus years, they’ve had to navigate some rocky times.

“If we didn’t have the PPP program, we probably wouldn’t have opened in 2021, or 2020. Without that, we couldn’t have been here, because 2020 killed us, they wouldn’t let the park open because we were not essential,” she explained.

They made it through that, but fast forward to 2022, Parker said supply chain issues punched them in the gut.

“Supply chain has been a nightmare. If we ordered parts. Last year, almost this time, we bought parts for several of the rides, and we still haven’t received the ride. So that’s a whole year, waiting on these rides, and the rides have been down all season,” she said, visibly frustrated.

Parker said it’s extremely upsetting when rides are down, “because we’re here to provide a wonderful experience that the guests wants to come back again.”

To give you an idea how much wonderland is spending to repair rides, one replacement chain on the shoot the chute ride, costs $100,000.

“We’re just so focused on you know, surviving, and we have been focused on that for the last three years, and if we get those seven rides up, that’s a lot of money.”

They chugged their way through 2022, and now they hope to get back on track, in 2023.

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