AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Photos, live videos, and reels including the iconic actor and comedian Will Ferrell flooded social media in the Amarillo area over the weekend as he and production crew members took in the sites amid filming a currently-untitled documentary.

According to a number of posts and statements from local businesses, Ferrell spent the weekend making stops at local haunts such as The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Mexico Lindo, and Clothez Exchange.

Photos on The Big Texan Steak Ranch’s social media page highlighted that their “interesting” weekend included Ferrell appearing in a Sherlock Holmes costume and being seen eating the establishment’s iconic 72-ounce steak.

“The whole thing was very bizarre, even for us,” noted a representative of The Big Texan, “We couldn’t tell what was really scripted and was real.”

Aside from the High Plains’ infamous cuts of beef, Ferrell sampled Mexico Lindo’s local Mexican cuisine, and employees noted his warm attitude.

“This was an unexpected moment for us and a great blessing. He ate our Guadalajara plate which is chicken enchiladas with ranchera sauce topped off with guacamole and sour cream, rice and beans,” described a Mexico Lindo representative, “One member of his production crew said they were excited about the food as they looked to preorder. Mr. Ferrell made sure all his crew was served and eating before he sat down to eat. He was down to earth. Once they finished eating he asked the staff if they wanted to take pictures. He took the time to personally thank the Chef and shake her hand while asking about the establishment.”

However, as detailed by representatives from Clothez Exchange, food wasn’t Ferrell’s only local interest. Further, they noted that Ferrell and his companions said he was traveling through the High Plains while filming a documentary stretching from the east to west coast.

“He was wanting to stop at a thrift store and they had googled some and we were the first to pop up, so they stopped by. Really just having him in our store was the highlight,” said the Clothez Exchange representative, “He was so much fun to have and it was exciting to be a part of his Amarillo experience.”

While details have remained sparse regarding Ferrell’s current documentary project, the “Talladega Nights” and “Anchorman” star is no stranger to documentary. In 2015, Ferrell previously starred in the documentary comedy “Ferrell Takes the Field,” during which he participated in five Major League Baseball training games, playing all nine positions for ten different teams in a single day. There has been no published statement regarding whether or not he will stop by to take a turn around Hodgetown with the Sod Poodles to round out his Amarillo excursion.

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