POTTER COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Potter County issued a seven-day burn ban due to a potential increase in fires, caused by strong winds.

With possible fire dangers increasing over the next several days, Steven Denney, Public Information officer for Potter County Fire and Rescue said it’s important to be fire wise and know prevention tips.

“The number one thing is, have dispensable space around your property, said Denney.” “Keep your grass mowed don’t plant anything right next to your house that could catch on fire. Don’t store firewood right next to your house and keep it generally cleaned up. that way if a fire does come by your house, we’re able to fight it and keep it away from damaging your property.”

The burn ban is in place for several days according to the Potter County Commissioners Court. Although there is a ban in place every fire hazard can not be prohibited or regulated.

“Things like chains on trailers if those were dragging, those could create sparks and cause fires. Exhaust systems that are in despair could cause fires, stated Denney.” “Anything you do that generates sparks or creates heat.”

With the New Year just days away and people planning to set off fireworks it’s important to know the rules and have a plan in place if a fire occurs.

Fireworks are not allowed to be shot on public property, roadways or ditches. Fireworks must be shot from an individual’s own property, according to Denney.

“They need to be prepared in case a fire does start, having water nearby and sometimes it’s helpful to have wet towels nearby, said Denney.”

Calling 911 as soon as a fire takes place is crucial in minimizing damage.

“Unchecked wildfires doubles in size every minute and every minute you wait to call us thinking you’re going to get it out, is another minute we don’t have to fight the fire, stated Denney.”

According to documents from Potter County, Commissioners Court burn bans do not prohibit the following actions.

  • Firefighter training;
  • A public utility, natural gas pipeline, or mining operations;
  • Planting or harvesting of agricultural crops;
  • Prescribed burns certified under the Texas Natural Resource Code;
  • Household fires that are confined within an approved metal container and id covered by a metal screen and ignited for the purpose of providing warmth in cold weather.