CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — West Texas A&M University announced that starting in the fall 2024 semester, students will not be required to buy a textbook for any course.

WT said it aims to eliminate textbook-related costs for its students saying that the national average for textbooks is $1,200 per student annually.

“Making education affordable is our responsibility,” President Walter V. Wendler said. “We want to help lower the cost of higher education for students and families and continue to make WT the University of choice for students across the region, the state, the nation and the world.”

Wendler said WT students may save up to $4,800 over the course of four years.

“WT has some 9,000 students, which over four years represents more than $43 million in textbooks costs. If only half the students at WT spend the average amount on textbooks, the amount is still more than $21 million saved by students and parents, the majority of whom are taxpayers in the state of Texas,” Wendler said. “Those numbers reflect real savings for WT students. To me, those numbers represent significant savings for students and families.”

WT said if a course requires that a student has a textbook, the College’s dean will use university resources to buy it for the student.

However, WT said professional manuals, such as those used in nursing, engineering, or writing, will be considered reference books, not textbooks, and may still be required.

Faculty are also being encouraged to use AI and other information technology to develop course material said WT.

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