(Editor’s Note: The above clip is a view of top headlines from the morning of August 1, 2023.)

CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with West Texas A&M University said WT Residential Living discovered a colony of bats living in Founders Hall on its campus.

According to WT, those in the building “should not see any bat residents lingering inside the building.”

WT said the bats are in the void space in the wall along the southwest side of the building.

“We are working with local pest control professionals to slowly encourage the bat colony to vacate the premises, allowing them to freely leave the area while preventing reentry into the void space. Through this humane and safe method, which results in minimal disruption to their migration cycle, the colony should be completely vacated within a few weeks,” said WT officials.

Officials said WT Risk Management conducted initial environmental monitoring and determined the building’s air quality to be safe for human occupants. Environmental remediation specialists will also conduct additional testing and remediate the void spaces once the colony relocates.

“We have closed areas immediately impacted near the southwest exterior walls, and we ask residents to please stay clear of those areas until we open them back up to residential traffic and use,” said officials “If you see a bat indoors, please do not bother the animal.”

WT said anyone in the building who sees a bat should contact Residential Living staff to have the animal safely captured and relocated.

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