CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A professor at West Texas A&M University, along with two students, had their theoretical particle research released in the world’s largest dedicated physics journal earlier this month.

According to a news release, Keshav Shrestha, an assistant professor of physics for the university, along with Duncan Miertschin, a senior physics major from Amarillo, and Thinh (John) Nguyen, a graduate chemistry student from Da Nang, Vietnam, published research on superconducting materials Jan. 10 in Physical Review B, a world-renowned dedicated physics journal. The research examines materials that conduct electricity faster than anything currently in use, what scientists call topological compounds.

Officials say that these superconducting minerals could impact the understanding of physics, as well as make an impact on daily life. This technology could be used in the creation of quantum computers in the future.

“They can be hundreds of times more efficient than anything we have at the moment. They are more durable, easier to make and more resistant to impurities in their creation,” Miertschin said in teh release. “Society revolves around computers, whether they’re smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Advances like this can make those devices run faster and more efficiently.