AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Dogs are often sensitive to loud sounds and noises, but on the Fourth of July, the level of fear and commotion within a dog can be turned up to a ten as fireworks blast off.

According to information on the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA) website, here are a few ways to keep your dog calm and safe when those fireworks start to spark off in your area:

  • Provide a safe environment for your pet: The ASPCA said that turning on some soft music and moving your dog into an interior room with no windows can help your pet feel more comfortable in their environment during fireworks shows.
  • Try calming medication: Anti-anxiety medication may aid your dog, however, the ASPCA suggested that you speak to your vet first and begin with a “practice” dose of the medication before the Fourth of July night to see how your dog responds to the medication. The ASCPA advised that you never share the medication with another pet or give more than the recommended amount.
  • Try calming products: Special wraps and shirts that are sold specifically for dogs can provide a calming pressure for dogs with noise phobia.
  • Keep firework chemicals away: The ASPCA stated that if you set fireworks off at home, make sure you clean up the area before letting your dog outside as fireworks contain several types of chemicals and heavy metals.

Additionally, The Humane Society provided ways to keep your pet safe on the Fourth of July:

  • Protect your pet from heat stroke: High temps can put your pet at risk of heat stroke so The Humane Society advises that you keep an eye on your pets and act immediately if you see any signs of heat stroke. Hot pavement can also be dangerous, so if it’s too hot to hold your hand to the ground for five seconds, it’s not safe for your dog to walk on.
  • Safeguard your pet with a collar or ID tag: Indoor-only pets can be scared during fireworks displays and may break through windows or door screens to escape the loud noises. You should ensure that your pet is microchipped and that the chip is properly registered with your current contact information. The Humane Society provided advice for finding a lost pet.

These helpful tips can create a fun-filled Fourth of July for both you and your dog and check out all the Fourth of July celebrations on the High Plains.