Clarification: This story has been updated to reflect that the Amarillo Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and the city of Amarillo’s Arts and Beautification Board donated funds towards the Water Tower project.

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — After years of planning, the water tower on 6th street is getting repainted.

The plans for the repainting began 12 years ago when the Historic 6th St. Association first introduced the idea to the city. Since the association first brought the plan to the city other organizations like the San Jacinto Neighborhood Advocates (SJNA) and Old Route 66 Association of Texas, teamed up to make the water tower project a reality.

“That’s part of what made this whole dream come true, the formation the city plan for the neighborhoods,” said Dora Meroney, board member of Historic 6th St. Association and SJNA. “So, the three associations went together, and we started a fundraising, and we were told we had to raise 18 thousand dollars, which we did. A little over, well a little less than a year,”

Meroney said that when the organization began fundraising for the project, they received funding from the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Bureau and the city of Amarillo’s Arts and Beautification Board. She added that a lot of their funding came from local businesses on Route 66, some even came from Japan.

“We had donations from three different countries and like I think it was like 28 different states the donated along because you know everybody loves route 66. It’s been a great coming together of everybody to get this done,” she said.

Meroney said that having this sight will not only bring more people into Amarillo but will benefit all of the businesses along Route 66. She added that this site will also bring more attention to Amarillo.

“Anytime you have any kind of photo-op or an opportunity for people to stop and look and see something different or visit something that hasn’t been there before. Amarillo has a lot to offer besides just Route 66, but Route 66 brings more people to Amarillo than just about anything else we have,” she said.

Meroney mentioned that now is a great time for the water tower to get painted because the Route 66 100th anniversary is also coming up. She said that the water tower will draw many eyes and she is excited to see everyone come to enjoy the new sight.