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Correction: An earlier version of this story contained incorrect information about the distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine, the error has been corrected.

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The Amarillo City Council met today at 1 p.m. today, May 11.

At 1:22 p.m., Amarillo Public Health Director, Casie Stoughton, announced the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine and that there is one more step in the approval process. Tomorrow the CDC’s ACIP committee is expected to vote on the recommendation of the vaccine. Upon approval the City plans to offer the Pfizer vaccine at the Civic Center Clinic to 12-17 year-olds.

The full agenda, as posted by the City:

AGENDA FOR A REGULAR MEETING OF THE AMARILLO CITY COUNCIL TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY, MAY 11,2021AT 1:00 P.M., CITY HALL,601 SOUTH BUCHANAN STREET, COUNCIL CHAMBER ON THE THIRD FLOOR OF CITY HALL, AMARILLO, TEXAS. City Council Mission; Use democracy to govern the City efficiently and effectively to accomplish the City’s mission. Please note: The City Council may take up items out of the order shown on any Agenda. The City Council reserves the right fo discuss all or part of any item in an executive session at any time during a meeting or work sesslon, as necessary and allowed by state law. Votes or final decisions are made only in open Regular or Special meetings, not in either a work session or executive session.

INVOCATION: Daniel Spitler

PROCLAMATION: “NATIONAL PUBLIC WORKS WEEK’ PUBLIC ADDRESS (For items on the agenda for City Council consideration) The public will be permitted to offer public comment on agenda items. Public Address signup times are available from Sunday 8:00 a.m. until Tuesday 12:45 p.m. at reqistration-form or by calling the City Secretary’s office at (806) 378-3014 1 GONSENT ITEMS: It is recommended that the following items be approved and that the City Manager be authorized to execute all documents necessary for each transaction:

A. CONSIDER APPROVAL – MINUTES: Approval of the City Council minutes for the regular meeting held on April27, 2021

B. GONSIDER APPROVAL – AVIATION CLEAR ZONE EASEMENT: (Contact: Andrew Freeman, Managing Director of Planning and Special Projects) This item considers an Aviation Clear Zone Easement, being 3,750 feet above mean sea level above the plat of Bella Acres Unit No. 1, a suburban subdivision to the City of Amarillo, being an unplotted tract of land in Section 53, Block 2, A.B.&M. Survey, Randall County, Texas. Vicinity: Pullman Rd. and SE CR 34 ApplicanVs: Justin Appling (Contact: Andrew Freeman; Managing Director of Planning and Special Projects) This item considers an Aviation Clear Zone Easement, being 4,450 feet above mean sea level above the plat of 335 Business Park Unit No. 1, a suburban subdivision to the city of Amarillo, being an unplotted tract of land in Section 150, Block 2, A.B.& M. Survey, Randall County, Texas. Vicinity: Osage Rd. and Loop 335/Hollywood RD. ApplicanUs: Derek Carter c

D. CONSIDER SALE OF CITY OWNED PROPERTY – APPROXIMATELY 36,608 SQUARE FEET OF LAND LOCATED ADJACENT TO THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF 34TH AND OSAGE, AMARILLO, TX (Contact: Andrew Freeman, Managing Director of Planning and Special Projects) This item authorizes the City Manager to execute a contract and other necessary documents for the sale of 36,608 square feet of land located adjacent to the southeast corner of 34th and Osage. The sales price for this property is $3.48/square feet or $127,500 minus closing costs.

E. CONSIDER PURCHASE OF ANNUAL MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT. (Contact: Chief Birkenfield) Award to: Hexagon Safety and Infrastructure Cost: $98,634.06 This is for the annual maintenance of the Intergraph Records Management Software for Police and Law Enforcement. The system enables quick data entry, immediate search and retrieval, and extensive reporting capabilities. It provides timelier and accurate information to support law enforcement operations, investigations and administration. It captures data, data sharing, criminal histories, investigations, and dispatch reports; it also provides affidavits, mug shots, warrant information, police records, alarm permits, and additional employee information. The cost is $98,634.06.

F. CONSIDER AWARD FOR AC-5 ASPHALTIC CEMENT. (Contact: Chris Mitchell, Street Superintendent) Award to: Ergon Asphalt & Emulsion Cost: $635,071.82 This item awards a contract for the purchase of AC-5 Asphaltic Cement, used by the Street Division during the summer for sealcoating of paved streets. AC-5 Asphaltic Cement, in conjunction with pre-coated B-4 aggregate is used during the sealcoating process. AC-5 is applied to the street surface as a sealant, followed by the precoated B-4 aggregate which adheres to the AC-5 forming a new driving surface. The sealcoating process is essential to extending the life of city streets.

G. CONSIDER AWARD OF PURCHASE OF BALLISTIC VESTS FOR POLICE DEPARTMENT – SUPPLY AGREEMENT (Contact: Trent Davis, Director of Purchasing) Award to: Aspetto Inc., $76,000.00 This award consists of the purchase of Ballistic Vests for the Amarillo Police Department officers and civilians, Amarillo Police Department recruits, City of Amarillo Rick Husband International Airport Police.

H. CONSIDER APPROVAL OF BELT PRESS REHAB AT HOLLYWOOD ROAD WASTEWATER RECLAMATION FACILITY ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR $436,000.00 (Contact: Jonathan Gresham – Director of Utilities) KSA Engineers will evaluate and recommend replacement for the existing belt press at Hollywood Road Wastewater Reclamation Facility (HRWRF). This is original equipment to the plant from initial construction. These belt presses are over 40 years old and have reached their life span. This engineering would allow the HRWRF to more efficiently manage their sludge and lower the impact on our City landfill at the same time.

I. CONSIDER APPROVAL OF CHANGE ORDER No. 2 OSAGE WATER TREATMENT FILTER REHABILITATION. (Contact: Jonathan Gresham – Director of Utilities) Contractor: Stolz Mechanical This change order is necessary to provide safe access during future operations by adding sidewalks in the amount of $71,015.00 Original Contract $4,029,950.00 Change order #1 $ ( 10,300.00) Change order #2 $ 71,015.00 New Contract total $4,090,665.00 Percent Change 1.51 %

J. CONSIDER APPROVAL OF PHASE III OF CONSULTING CONTRACT FOR SL-SERCO FOR PROCUREMENT. DEPLOYMENT. AND INSTALLATION PHASE OF THE ADVANCED METER TNFRASTRUCTURE (AMI) SYSTEM FOR $1.167.537. (Contact: Jonathan Gresham – Director of Utilities) This agreement is for Professional Services by Sl-serco lnc., in the amount not to exceed $1,167,537 for the procurement, deployment, and installation phase of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMl). ln this phase Sl-serco will provide project management for the years 2021-2024 and will facilitate the procurement of the smart meters as well as perform Proof of Concept testing for the installation of smart meters. Sl-serco will work with city staff to establish the customer portal website. Sl-serco will develop the Change Management Plan and facilitate the training of City staff on the new operations of the AMI system.

K. CONSIDER AWARD OF BID FOR LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE FOR CITY PARKS AND OTHER LOCATIONS (Contact: Michael Kashuba, Director of Parks and Recreation) Award to: Reeder Landscape Cost: $928,146.27 Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 Lot 5 Neighborhood parks Linear Parks Public Buildings Traffic Islands Other Properties $598,562.10 $140,017.62 $ 91,222.80 $ 65,059.75 $ 33,284.00 This item improves community appearance by providing the turnkey landscape maintenance of all shrubs, turf, groundcover, annuals, perennials and mulch within the limits of the property classifications (neighborhood parks, linear parks, public buildings, traffic islands, other city owned properties) listed above using experienced personnel using only sound horticultural and landscape practices.

            A. CONSIDER RESOLUTION – MUNICIPAL ELECTION: (Contact: LeAnn Gallman, Interim City Secretary) This resolution canvasses the returns and declares the results of the regular election held on May 1,2021.
            B. REMARKS: Remarks by the outgoing Councilmember
           C. OATH OF OFFICE: The Honorable Laura Hamilton to conduct the Oath of Office for the Mayor and Councilmembers elected on May 1,2021.
           D. REMARKS: Remarks by Councilmembers.

E. CONSIDER RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE ANNUAL SELECTION OF THE MAYOR PRO TEMPORE: (Contact: Leslie Schmidt, Senior Assistant City Attorney) This resolution authorizes the City Council to annually select the Mayor Pro Tempore. The Mayor Pro Tempore assumes the roles of the Mayor when the Mayor is unavailable.

F. CONSIDER RESOLUTION – ACCEPTING THE TEXAS TRAFFIC SAFETY PROGRAM GRANT – STEP – CLICK IT OR TICKET (Contact: Chief Birkenfeld/Sgt. Hill) This item accepts the Fiscal Year 2021 Texas Traffic Safety Program Grant. The Texas Department of Transportation provides funding to the Amarillo Police Department to focus additional resources to fund patrol and enforcement of speed enforcement, occupant protection (seatbelt and child safety seats), distracted driving and Driving While Intoxicated (DWl) offenses.

       A. Review agenda items for regular meeting and attachments;
       B. Coronavirus Update;
      C. Broadband Update;
      D. Update on Buy the Way, Keep it Local;
      E. Update on Thompson Park Pool;
      F. Request future agenda items and reports from City Manager


1. Deliberation regarding economic development negotiations in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Section 551.087: Discussion regarding commercial or financial information received from a business prospect and/or to deliberate the offer of a financial or other incentive to a business prospect: Project # 19-10-01 (Corporate Headquarters) Project # 21-02-01 (Research and Development Facility)

2. Deliberate the purchase or sale of real property in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Section 551.072: Purchase of real property located in the North East quadrant of the City of Amarillo. Amarillo City Hall is accessible to individuals with disabilities through its main entry on the south side (601 South Buchanan Street) of the building. An access ramp leading to the main entry is located at the southwest corner of the building. Parking spaces for individuals with disabilities are available in the south parking lot. City Hall is equipped with restroom facilities, communications equipment and elevators that are accessible. Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations or a sign language interpreter must contact the City Secretary’s Office 48 hours prior to meeting time by telephoning 37&3013 or the City TDD number at 378-4229. Posted this 7th day of May 2021. Regular meetings of the Amarillo City Council stream live on Cable Channel 10 and are available.

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