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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Following last week’s winter weather, many are in search of plumbers to help with their winter weather damage woes, but be wary of who you hire. 

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Amarillo President, Janna Kiehl, said there are ways to spot the difference between a reputable company and one that is possible a scam.

“When there’s a bad situation and a lot of people in the community are in need at one time, you will have door to door companies that are willing to help. And there are going to be companies in there as well, and individuals who only want to take your money. The only way to tell the difference in those two companies is to check with BBB,” said Kiehl.

Check Plumber’s Report with the BBB:

“The first thing you want to do, of course, is check their BBB report. We will have licensing information on that report, and you can double-check that at the State Board of Licensing as well,” said Kiehl. “Make sure you’re using a licensed contractor so that you know the job will be done right. An accredited business with the BBB will also get you the job done right, and, you know, if there are any problems with the job, they’re going to fix them and help resolve those problems.”

Look at Your Options:

Kiehl said A reputable company will give you the time and the opportunity to look around.

“You might get two or three bids and think that the lowest bid is the best deal, when in fact that’s not the case,” said Kiehl. “There are other elements to consider like can the company complete this job? Do they have, you know, the equipment and the people to be able to do it in my timeframe? Do they get along with you because most plumbing jobs are going to be done inside the home and they’re going to be in your home? You know, can you work with that company and Is this a good relationship?”

Read Estimate Carefully:

“Listen to the contractor and let him tell you exactly what is going to happen. What are they going to do in your home? You know, what needs to happen? Will the water need to be turned off? Will you be out of water for a period of time? Will you be able to, you know, stay in the home while this is happening? You want to look at that carefully and make sure you understand everything,” said Kiehl. “But before you get to that point, it’s a good idea to get some bids as well. Get two or three bids and ask, you know, all the details about what’s going to go into that bid and how that’s going to affect your specific project. And then you can make a good decision based on all the information you have.”

Get it in Writing:

Kiehl said it is always a good idea to get everything in writing and make sure the work is specified.

“Keep in mind as well, when someone gets into a project, there may be added costs if there are added problems or added things that need to be fixed.”

I’ve Been Scammed. Now What?

“Whether you think you’re being scammed or it’s just a bad business that you had an encounter with, call the Better Business Bureau. We can reach us directly at 379-6222 or go online to Let us know what’s happening and find out about that company you know before you give them any money and definitely before you sign anything.”

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