AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Veterans Resource Center recently hired an on-site counselor. Ashli Andrews will provide counseling services so veterans and their families won’t have to go anywhere else.

“They immediately get that help and they have that person to talk to. It’s an easy segway in getting services and getting them to buy into getting help because if we have obstacle after obstacle, they are most likely going to fall through the cracks,” said Andrews.

Andrews is a licensed master social worker and is in the process of obtaining her clinical license.
She’s married to a Marine veteran and said it’s wonderful to be a part of the Veterans Resource Center.

“They are the most deserving people that I can think of. They have sacrificed so much for our safety and our freedom,” said Andrews.

Director Verlene Dickson said they were able to start these counseling services through the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance grant. That’s a mental health grant that will allow the VRC to provide counseling free of charge.

“It’s a one-stop-shop because we have the other areas that we do, but this just upgrades us,” said Dickson.

Andrews said on top of the peer-to-peer services they provide, the counseling is an important opportunity to build on what the veterans need.

“They will get that support in different veterans that can tell them, ‘yeah, I have been through that same thing,’ but then I can say this is why things are that way and this is how your thought process is affecting you emotionally,” said Andrews.

Dickson said this is one more way to live up to their motto. No one left behind.

If you are a veteran in need of counseling services, you can call the VRC at (806) 342-2500 or visit them at 800 S. Rusk.