AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — At the third annual Unleashing Possibility Leadership Conference, moms from all over the panhandle area gathered to discuss the difficulties parenting alone, parenting with an illness, foster parenting, or more and get connected with resources, equip themselves, and relax.

“My deepest desire is that moms connected with resources the minute they walked in, they felt welcomed and felt refreshed by the time that they leave. That they are able to latch on to the information that was provided and leave with really a deeper sense of being ok,” said Christy Hilbert, executive director of Unleashing Possibility.

Saturday’s event included guest speakers, lunch, and breakout sessions which included a self-defense class with the Amarillo Police Department, a class to make a vision board, and a class on the importance of self-care.

Hilbert added it’s also important for moms to network together at the event to understand what they are going through.

“The core concept of Unleashing Possibility and the idea behind it is that we are going to go through hard things, but God is unleashing a possibility that didn’t exist before and really just looking for that and relying on Him to get us through,” said Hilbert

Debbie Moore, a speaker at Saturday’s event and a member of the Unleashing Possibility board said the conference empowers the women that attend.

“All these breakout sessions let them know who they really are and what they can do and it empowers them to know that they are equipped, and all though we do resource them with some things and some information, more importantly, they are the resource. They are the resource for their family. They are the resource for their future and this is what this is all about,” said Moore.

Moore added that the event has grown since the first year, but said they would love to continue to grow to get more women connected to resources in the community.

Hilbert said if a mom wasn’t able to make it to Saturday’s event, they can always reach out to Unleashing Possibility on how to connect with their reading group or book club, as well as other future events.