AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Uniting Parents (UP) has announced a new partnership with Superior HealthPlan. Through this collaboration, they hope to support family engagement through health education, by providing school supplies and family events.

“During COVID, a lot of kids have been cooped up, or they’ve been homeschool. They haven’t had lots of activities. So as I saw things approaching more into normality, I thought we need to do something for our children,” said Maria Garcia, Program Director of Uniting Parents at the Coalition of Health Services.

Uniting Parents is a parent case management program for families of children with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities with offices in Amarillo, Dumas, Lubbock, and provides services in the top 32 counties of the TX Panhandle. Uniting Parents is designed to empower families and enhance their children’s quality of life by providing information, education, training, referrals, networking, and support.

As for Superior HealthPlan, their goal is to transform the health of the community, one person at a time through outreach programs such as Uniting Parents. Together, Superior HealthPlan and Uniting Parents will provide school supplies for Fall 2021 for the individuals enrolled in the Uniting Parents caseload.

The partnership will also present monthly educational meetings online for all families of children with disabilities served by Uniting Parents and welcome other families as well. Topics will include Service Coordination, Value Added Services, Transition Services, Behavioral Health, and other topics. Uniting Parents anticipates running these meeting from May through December.

Uniting Parents and Superior HealthPlan recognize the importance of family engagement through fun activities for families enrolled in the case management or respite programs and will arrange for their children with disabilities and their immediate family members to enjoy amusement parks in Amarillo and Lubbock this summer.

“So hopefully, our families of children with disabilities can get out into the community and start having more of a normal, typical summer life and also some education in there as well,” explained Garcia.

Superior HealthPlan is funding this program through the Coalition of Health Services, Inc./Uniting Parents program and families will be able to participate at no charge.

“The last thing we want through either Superior HealthPlan, or Uniting Parents is for a family to feel all alone. They should know that there are supports out there and resources. So give us a call. And we’d be happy to help,” stated Garcia.

The Program Director shared that families can call their toll-free number, 888-892-2273. Locally, that number is 337-1700. “Just ask for Uniting Parents, or for myself, Maria Garcia, and I’d be happy to visit with you.”