AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Texas Department of Transportation shared treatment plans for roadways impacted by snow and ice.

TxDOT is responsible for monitoring and maintaining roadways like the interstate, state and US highways and treating them according to their needs.

“Whether it’s plowing the road or treating it with salt or bottom ash, whatever we need to do to help your vehicles gain traction, especially on curves, bridges or overpasses that’s what were doing,” said Sonja Gross, Texas Department of Transportation public information officer, Amarillo District. “We’ve been patrolling them 24/7 treating them accordingly, each area has had a different need.”

TxDOT began treating roads last week in preparation for the snowstorm. According to TxDOT officials, temperatures are expected to drop below freezing overnight. Potentially causing black ice to form on roads and cause re-freezing.

“So one of the things we’re looking at tomorrow night and into tomorrow morning is the re-freeze potential.” said Gross. “If the temperate gets down to 29, what we’re going to do is spread straight salt on the roadways and if there is a re-freeze that happens, we’re going to be putting bottom ash and other materials out on the roadways.”

Black ice or clear ice can be difficult to see and drivers are encouraged to stay off the roads. However, if you have to be out Wes Kimmell, Director of Operations for the Amarillo District encourages drivers to stay vigilant.

That is why drivers will need to be extra vigilant if they have to be on the road tonight and into tomorrow morning, “said Kimmel “Our crews will continue to monitor, treat, and blade snow from the roadways through the entirety of this winter weather event until all roadways are clear.”

Having an emergency kit in your car is recommended. As well as having your car properly serviced.

“Make sure you have jumper cables, make sure you have flashlights, make sure you have layers, make sure you have everything you need to address your vehicles needs,” stated Gross.

The emergency kit should also include blankets, food and water in case of delays.

“We have to make sure we have snacks, have some protein in there,” said Gross. “Have your peanut butter, crackers, have some water other fluids that have electrolyte, so you can stay hydrated.”

If you see a snowplow on the road Gross shared to stay at least 200 feet behind them. Do not attempt to go around a snowplow as the path is not clear and snow being moved could interfere with visibility.

For more information on the department’s treatment plan, emergency kit items and road closures and updates you can visit TxDOT online.