TX-13 Representative Ronny Jackson reflects on President Biden’s Inauguration Ceremony

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Following Wednesday’s historic Presidential Inauguration, local political officials shared their thoughts on the ceremony.

Needless to say, there were mixed reactions on the change of leadership.

Steve Land, Potter County Democratic Party Chairman, said “I can safely say that myself and all the Democrats in Amarillo are breathing a sigh of relief that Mr. Trump has left office.”

However, Representative Ronny Jackson, Congressman for the 13th Congressional District of Texas, said “This fight’s not over, and when I say fight, obviously I mean peaceful political movement. It’s not over. We’re going to continue to fight this fight and you know, we’re going to move forward with the President’s agenda.”

Later in the interview Representative Jackson clarified that when discussing moving forward with the President’s agenda, he was referring to President Trump.

While Representative Jackson shared that many are sad to see President Trump leave the White House, Land does not share that point of view.

“We have suffered 400,000 needless deaths here in our country, and a large major of it can be attributed to one political party leader, who convinced his followers and their ridiculous reluctance to believe science that the disease was serious and life threatening,” continued Land.

This morning Congressman Jackson attended President Trump’s Farewell and later made an appearance at President Biden’s Inauguration.

While he said it was a great experience, Congressman Jackson noted that he did not find all of the Inauguration speech appropriate.

“I didn’t think there was any role for that in his speech. I think that kind of speech about fear and institutional racism.. it continues the narrative that folks who are on the other side that didn’t necessarily vote for him or agree with him are somehow, you know, racist and white supremacist and a danger to this country,” said Representative Jackson.

On Twitter, Representative Jackson tweeted: “I’m willing to work with any politician or President to make our nation better. However, I am NOT willing to compromise on my Conservative values for ANYONE, and I will always put the needs of my constituents FIRST.”

Additionally, in a press release from Representative Jackson’s team, he said “I am deeply disappointed by some of President Biden’s first executive orders that were signed this evening. Just like that, America is returning to open border policies and undermining our own national interests by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline project. We are even rejoining the World Health Organization though they were complicit in helping China cover up COVID-19 as it began to spread across the world.”

President Biden did issue a slate of executive orders.

One of the executive orders will halt using emergency funding to build the border wall.

Another deals with providing a path to citizenship for 11,000,000 undocumented people and provides funds for border security, among other measures.

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