AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —  Saturday was a day filled with fun and excitement as the Turn Center kicked off their Celebration of Hope with a Family Fun Day.

According to the Turn Center, the Celebration of Hope campaign raises $300,000 annually to provide physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy for children with special needs, as well as mental health counseling for the whole family.

“We are just celebrating the hope that therapy provides, you know when you are working towards those developmental milestones, you have hope. You have hope that you will keep growing and things are going to get better and there are ups and downs in therapy, but we are here to rally around these families and be a part of their lives no matter what,” said Carolina Cantrell, director of development at the Turn Center.

This year, they are expanding the Celebration of Hope with three new events. The first of those was the Family Fun Day.

The event kicked off with a walk around the north loop of Medi-Park followed by activities and lunch afterward.

The director of speech therapy at the Turn Center, Stephanie Wright said the day was a way to give back to the families they serve.

“It’s just about celebrating the families we get to serve. We get to give back to them for all they give to us and all the dedication and hard work they put in. It’s just a fun time and celebration,” said Wright.

Heidi Wyatt, a parent who was at Saturday’s Family Fun Day added it is more than just that.

“It’s a time to be with your community, have support from other families, to see other families that go through very similar situations, and to really rely together and to know you are not alone,” said Wyatt.

According to the Turn Center, they serve more than a thousand children with more than 200 diagnoses each year, including down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The next event a part of the campaign will be the Celebration of Hope Sponsor Dinner on April 9.