AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Mother’s Day is just two days away and there’s an app developed my a local doctor, aiming to help expectant and new moms with important questions they may have.

“It’s wonderful. It’s nice to know that people like the product and use the product,” said Dr. Thomas Hale, InfantRisk Center at Texas Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Executive Director.

That product is the MommyMeds app, which provides guidance and research of what over-the-counter drugs and medications are recommended and not recommended for new and expectant moms.

“I have a massive database with all kinds of drugs and all kind of drug information that we use everyday when doctors and nurses and mothers call. We had that access already available, so what we actually did was we created the app so that it would query this massive database and whatever the drug was, it would pull that drug up,” said Dr. Hale.

Dr. Hale says the app’s database contains a little less than 2,000 commonly used drugs and a little over 70,000 products.

“We also made the app so that it can scan the barcode on the package and the drugs would just pop up on the screen because many over the counter prescriptions have two, three or four drugs in them,” said Dr. Hale.

The idea for the app came to Dr. Hale several years ago after helping out a friend who had called him with questions that she and her sister, who was breastfeeding at the time, were trying to figure out which medications were safe to use.

“This friend of mine said Tom, you need to do an app. So that’s what we did. They’re used by moms and physicians and people every single day quite commonly. So it’s been well-received,” said Dr. Hale.

Normally, the MommyMeds app costs $3.99 to download.

But this Sunday on Mother’s Day, the app will be free to download.