DUMAS, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —An accomplishment 18 months in the making for the Wiswell family in Dumas, opening up their brewery.

“It’s been quite the experience trying to get open,” said J.L. Wiswell, Toppled Turtle Brewing Co. Co-Owner.

For Wiswell and his family, it’s been quite the journey indeed, opening up their doors to awaiting customers.

“Several false starts thinking we were going to get there. Finally after about 18 months, jumping through hoops for city inspections and getting the city variances that we need to for zoning. We finally have the chance to open. We’ve had a lot of community support. In our opening weekend we sold out of one of our beers,” said Wiswell.

Arriving at this point hasn’t been the smoothest of sailings.

“I thought we would be just like a restaurant and it turns out there was specific wording in Dumas ordinances that said that beer-making facilities, any kind of alcohol-making facilities would be treated like a chemical plant. So what we had to do was go through and explain what we were going to be doing, get a variance that says we could produce alcohol in the city limits of Dumas,” said Wiswell.

The building the brewery is in, has served as everything from a quilt shop to Phillips and Son store when it was first built around 100 years ago.

Phillips and Son was taken over by the kids before they closed their doors and that’s what the Wiswells hope Toppled Turtled will become, something they can pass down for generations to come.

“My legacy starts here and I’ll be able to have my kids take over, just like the Phillips had their kids take over. So that’s what I’m excited about,” said Wiswell.

Wiswell says for now, due to TABC regulations, they’re only allowed to sell their beer to-go.

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