AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Last week’s sub-zero temperatures might be behind us, but winter has just started. Now, Atmos Energy is sharing tips to keep your home warm and gas bill down.

Michael Gonzales, Atmos Energy’s manager of public affairs, said to save money customers should lower water heater temperatures to 120 degrees and lower thermostats during the day.

“It’s always a good practice to keep it 68 degrees or lower, within that range,” said Gonzales. “But you know, obviously you don’t want to go any higher, you know, past like 75 degrees or hotter because you know, you’re that’s just continuing to use gas, which could potentially affect your bill quite a bit.”

He also recommends getting a programmable or smart thermostat to prevent large temperature swings.

“Checking your filters is also good practice to conserve energy and could affect your usage as well or just the efficiency of your appliances,” he continued. “And you know, just if there are any doors, you know, or windows, rooms not being used, it’s always a good practice to shut those so that way that you can contain the heat in there.”

Gonzales said if you have a fireplace, close the damper unless you’re using it, and open up blinds during the day.

“That way you can let the natural sun and heat in there warm your home up as opposed to, you know, turning your temperature up on your thermostat.”

Forecaster Mari Ferrel said the High Plains region is in a La Niña pattern until March, meaning we will likely see at or above average temperatures. However, arctic intrusions like we saw last week are still possible because of low moisture and could feel harsher.

Gonzales shared an important safety tip for staying warm this winter.

“It’s never a good practice to use a gas stove top, to leave it burning throughout the day as a source of heat or your oven,” he said. “You know, there are safety precautions that come in with that, you know, with carbon monoxide. It could be very dangerous…”

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