AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — On Sunday, the area saw severe weather that left people picking up the pieces as hail and wind left damage to homes and businesses.

President of the BBB of Amarillo, Janna Kiehl said the first step you should take after a storm is to contact your insurance company about what is covered and how to file a claim if necessary. She then said to check with the BBB on reviews and accreditations on the companies that you are needing to do a certain job, such as roof repair, siding, or tree removal. Kiehl said next to obtain bids from several companies and review those bids and compare services.

Dean Turney, assistant city manager in Hereford, whose city saw extensive hail and wind damage on Sunday said in the past few days, he has seen several repair companies come to the city to help make repairs.

Turney said the city requires anyone who does not live in the county to get a vendor’s license before they can go door to door and talk to people about making repairs.

Turney added that the process requires a background check and is $32.50 for each vendor and they will also be given an ID card. He added this helps the City of Hereford control who comes into town and makes repairs.

“We don’t just want people coming in here one day, stay here for a week, do some roofs, leave town, and not do the job properly and our citizens are not able to get ahold of the people to get the repairs down the road, so we want to do all we can to have reputable people in town,” said Turney.

Additionally, Turney said the vendor will also have to get a permit to do the roof if that is needed and that is a separate fee.

Kiehl said the City of Amarillo also has requirements for those looking to make repairs and many of the outlining cities do as well. She said you can contact those local cities to find out what requirements and licenses are needed.

Kiehl added it’s important to be patient and never hand money over upfront.

“You don’t want to give money when you don’t even have a contract and you don’t know what’s going to happen with your repairs. You are just worried you need to just get on the list and get things repaired. But be patient and get your temporary repairs done right now and then do your big job later,” said Kiehl.

Turney said that once a roof has been repaired in Hereford, the city will then go inspect the roof to make sure it is done properly.