(NEXSTAR) — Does the Texas summer have you in need of an escape? If you can’t bear the thought of parting with the Lone Star State, there are still a few options for cities and towns that have slightly milder summers.

It might not surprise you that Texas doesn’t log many cities that are all that cool. In fact, NOAA data compiled by Stacker identified the coldest cities in all 50 states and found that Texas doesn’t even crack the top 150 coldest cities in America. Of the 266 studied, 171 have a colder average temperature.

Nevertheless, with an annual high of 71 degrees Fahrenheit, the Amarillo area can be far more temperate than other parts of Texas. Here are a few other cities that can keep their cool.

  • Dalhart — Annual high: 69, annual low: 37
  • Hartley — Annual high: 69, annual low: 40
  • Dimmitt — Annual high: 70, annual low: 40
  • Dumas — Annual high: 70, annual low: 42
  • Perryton, Stratford — Annual high: 70, annual low: 40

All of these cities are in the Panhandle area of Texas. Of the more southerly located areas which U.S. Climate Data has listed, (though these are still in the Panhandle) are Muleshoe and Dimmitt.

“Amarillo is undoubtedly the coldest (big) city in Texas. The coldest temperature on record is -12 back in 1986. However, just two years ago we came close to tying this dubious record with a low of -11 on Feb. 15, 2021,” said KAMR Chief Meteorologist John Harris.

Harris said the distinction of overall “coldest city in Texas” probably goes to Dalhart, located roughly 80 miles northwest of Amarillo. On Jan. 4, 1959 the town recorded a low temperature of -21 degrees.