AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The Hali Project began in 1999 with Brad and Karen Thomspon a few years after their daughter Hali was born with an intellectual disability.

Director of “The Hail Project,” Brad Thompson said that once his daughter Hali was born his life along with his wife’s life would go down a path they never imagined. He added that because of Hali he learned the important things in life, things that Hali does naturally such as her deep love for others and the joy she brings.

“Hali has a variety of special health care needs, she would be called intellectually disabled, as well as some other physical needs. And she is just taking us down a path. Despite living with pain, and struggle and all of that she brings joy, to every place she goes. She loves people deeply. She shows us what it looks like to just love people without caring about who they are or where they come from,” said Thompson.

The love that Hali continues to display daily is the love that Brad and his wife Karen want to show in the Hali project. Brad added that one of the things he learned early on is that there is not a lot of help for parents that would allow them to dream again.

“And that has blossomed into what is now called the Hali project, which is not big, and it’s not famous anywhere, but it’s allowed us to do a lot of neat work, both locally and around the world,” said Thompson.

Thompson said that he knows that Hali has a great purpose in this life but for her to fulfill that purpose her parents need to stay healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“What we want to be able to do is share that hope share those skills provide that encouragement and support to parents like us to be able to keep them in the game and help them to find that meaning in their Hali’s life,” said Thompson.

To learn more about how The Hali Project is helping families across the Panhandle visit their website.

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