The COVID Battle: A local healthcare worker’s shares how her elderly mother overcame COVID-19

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “Never really thought that it would hit my family. Unfortunately, my sweet 93 year old mom got COVID,” said Melinda Blasingame, a local healthcare worker.

One week later, her mother was transported by ambulance to Blasingame’s workplace, and admitted, due to COVID-19.

“It was just.. It was just extremely hard having her up here, because with the cochlear, she couldn’t hear very well, and so having mask.. She got to where she was reading lips and couldn’t really understand what the nurses were saying,” explained Blasingame.

Due to her mother’s lack of hearing, Blasingame shared that her nurses had to get creative in order to communicate with her.

Blasingame continued, “So they finally started writing on a dry erase board and they would write her messages on that.”

Just like anyone else diagnosed with COVID-19 and wanting to communicate with a family member, the phone soon became Blasingame and her mother’s best friend.

“She would call me and in order for her to know that I was listening, I would hit keys on my phone and she could hear the beeping and so she knew that I was listening,” said Blasingame.

Knowing that her mother was alone and scared in a room within the same building really became difficult for Blasingame.

“Relying on the nurses to call you as they have time to give you updates. It’s really hard, because the nurses are so busy and so.. you know they’re stressed as well trying to take care of their own, other patients. And you as a family member, are like ‘well you need to call me right now,’ but they’re busy with other people and as a staff member, I get that,” said Blasingame.

After nearly a month, her mother was released. However, the universe threw the family a curveball as soon the roles were reversed.

Blasingame explained, “Sadly, the day that my mom came home from the hospital, I was tested positive so I left my mom at my house so my kids could take care of her. And then I had to quarantine at her house.”

While both women have now been lucky enough to overcome the virus, Blasingame mentioned that her mother has set a couple of goals for herself.

“Us as a family, it has completely changed our lives forever, because you know, I just don’t know if mom will ever be able to permanently go home. That’s her goal. Actually, her goal is to make it to 100, and when she reaches a hundred… she says she’s out of here. She’s done,” said Blasingame.

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