AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — During a check presentation ceremony on Friday, The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center, along with the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, received $5,000 grants.

The grants come after Texas District 89 Representative Four Price referred Walmart to the two local agencies to help children.

The Bridge intends to use the funds to purchase new equipment to enhance forensic interviews.

“It does expand the forensic interview capabilities, in that right now we have one camera in those rooms and now we’ll have two cameras in there,” said Shelly Bohannon, Bridge Executive Director. “Where we can better focus on the child’s face, the microphones are going to be more sensitive. It’ll capture what this child is saying and what their emotions are.”

The Bridge works closely with Child Protective Services and law enforcement agencies across the Texas Panhandle to help conduct forensic interviews.

“We conduct the forensic interview with children ages two to 17,” said Bohannon. “When they are involved with one of those agencies and so they bring them to us for a forensic interview to find out what has happened to those children if anything. It just minimizes the number of times children have to be interviewed about what has happened.”

Bohannon shared that their current equipment is 10 years old, and the new equipment will bring them up to date.

“We just want to thank Walmart and all the Walmart teams across the Panhandle because they are always there for us,” stated Bohannon. “Anytime we need anything they partner with us and support our organization and help us help children back to the path of healing.”

The Bridge has been open since 1989 and now serves 26 counties throughout the Panhandle.